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Relay Recovery

No up-front cost and fast account turnaround

Performance based compensation.

We attach a contingency fee to the accounts that are collected and return the balance to you every thirty days.

We employ the nation's highest protocols.

Our program collects the maximum amount of revenue with the least risk.

Relay Recovery has worked diligently to complete the compliance and security requirements of the finance industry as well as holding insurance well above industry standards.

A collections process designed to grow with you.

Our program can expand 200 collectors every 120 days.

We have over 300 collectors and 45 administrators right here in Washington and Florida. We don't outsource and we don't compromise.

We run a system that makes payments easy for customers.

We are here to listen and deliver exellence.

The ideas and concerns of every client or employee are heard and addressed by senior management to ensure continued quality of service.

How it works

A specifically designed program for carshare, peer-to-peer rental, and traditional rental fleets.

We collect balances.

The most collectable accounts with the highest yields.

We use a proprietary process and algorithm to identify the most collectable accounts. All accounts submitted to Relay Recovery will be managed by trained Violation Specialists.

Setup Your Account

Getting started with Wise Mobility Collection takes 5 minutes or less

When you provide us the basic information regarding your collections you will recieve a confirmation email letting you know you are all set. If you have questions about the start process or uploading files. Please contact Stephanie Clifton Direct at (206) 629.2296.

Tell us some basic information about your accounts, so we can better assist you. We will get back to you within 24 hours or less.